Oil and Gas

Safety is of paramount concern when it comes to the Energy Industry. We are certified for quality, health and environment safety and have rigorous internal audits to stay on top of safety concerns in this sector.

We have a diverse team of energy professionals who can assist in the midstream and downstream areas of the supply chain. Our midstream capabilities include storage, processing and transportation of the products across India while our downstream capabilities assist in the logistics of the finished and refined products.

From various greenfield and brownfield projects we provide.

Supply base Management


Warehousing, plant hire and materials control


Inventory management.


Tubulars / Casing storage & handling


Heavy lift and over dimension cargoes.


Lay-down area


Provision and management of  labour, cranes, stevedoring and trained personnel to provide a seamless interface between road and sea transport services


Offices and administrative support


Quayside assistance


Remote site accommodation and catering


Catering services




Security services