Last Mile Delivery

The Last Mile – the last step of a delivery process is always often the most difficult to manage- with low parcel drops, multiple stops and high expectations of speedy fulfilment.

At 23North, we lay a lot of emphasis on technology to ensure that the last leg of the delivery is fast and accurate and the customer is kept abreast of the journey until it reaches its doorstep. We leverage our operational expertise and well trained personnel to make the delivery process very smooth and delightful for our customers.

With an single technology platform that integrates order management, capacity, load and route planning, driver applications, electronic proof of deliveries, centralised control tower and real time tracking, we stand amongst the best in the market , when it comes to handling the intricacies of last mile deliveries.

Our Strengths & Advantages

Centralised and closely integrated technology platform
Real time tracking
Advanced analytics for vehicle monitoring
Electronic proof of deliveries
OTP based deliveries
Accurate deliveries using Scan to delivery techniques