In-Plant Logistics

In the discrete manufacturing sector, supply chain is an integral part of the entire manufacturing process; from material originating at the vendor to consumption at the manufacturer’s production line. To be more efficient, a manufacturer might have more velocity of inbound parts and smaller shipments picked up & delivered more frequently to keep inventory low.

At 23North we have established capabilities to service all the needs for in-plant logistics right from,


PO management


Milk run


RM storage


Store management


Scrap Management


End of line packaging and storage

Our operational expertise ensures that you focus on your core while we support you with store management, manpower management (skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled), yard management, equipment management, and returnable packaging.

Our Strengths & Advantages

Competent professionals across levels
MHE management
Returnable packaging
Robust IT solutions
Route and vehicle designing
Real time track and trace.
Value added services
24 X 7 support